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Dr. Marshall’s brain-body stress management approach shows how to live without stress.

Whether stress stems from work, parenting, teaching, relationships, or a situation you cannot change, the keys are here for you to reduce and relieve your stress by his unique stress management suggestions.

Are you ready? A new, happier, more enjoyable, and less stressful life awaits you.

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Learn how to have young people do what YOU WANT them to do because THEY WANT to.

The Discipline Without Stress Program is now ONLINE. Learn how to use authority without coercion. Deal with ANY discipline or behavior challenge immediately and effectively AND retain good relationships. [ READ MORE ]

Middle School Principal talks about how Dr. Marshall's discipline system works.

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Dr. Marvin Marshall shows how to manage stress that is so prevalent in today's culture. His newest book, LIVE WITHOUT STRESS, is the third in the trilogy of the Without Stress series, which includes Discipline Without Stress and Parenting Without Stress. The Kindle version is now available. CLICK HERE to look inside the $14.95 eBook.His books, articles, and presentations (25 countries on 5 continents) demonstrate how to manage stress and improve effectiveness—both professionally and personally. He is internationally known for his expertise for reducing stress, handling any and all behavior problems, improving relationships, and increasing motivation to learn. The key to his amazingly successful approach is in using authority without coercion.
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