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Discipline FAQs

Common Questions and Answers from Educators

  • A Quick Summary of the Raise Responsibility System - More and more people are learning about the Discipline Without Stress methodology and the Raise Responsibility System every day. For those experienced with the approach, as well as for those new to it, here’s a quick summary of how the Raise Responsibility system Read More

The Teaching Model:

General Questions:

Classroom Mgt:

Importance of Classroom Mgt:
Impulse Control:
Procedures in the Classroom:
Procedures School-wide:

The Three Principles:


The Raise Responsibility System:

An Overview:
Checking for Understanding:
Connections to Literature:
Guided Choices:
The System in Action:
Teaching the Hierarchy:
Understanding the Hierarchy:

Improving Academics:

Motivating Students

  • How to Foster Initiative in Students - Recently a teacher asked me, “Can we really expect ALL children (even kindergartners) to understand and abide by the Discipline Without Stress’ 4 levels of behavior without ANY rewards?”Here is my reply:YES, but you start by differentiating between ACCEPTABLE levels and UNACCEPTABLE levels. Read More
Creating Desire:

Building Relationships

For High Schools

For Middle Schools

For Guest Teachers

For Specialty Teachers

Special Challenges

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