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Using a Discipline System to Promote Learning (This article explains it all.)
The editor’s introduction: “On returning to the classroom after 24 years, Dr. Marshall struggled to maintain discipline. In Part 1 of this article, he describes how his frustration led him to develop a system that would promote responsible behavior by internally motivating students. In Part 2, Mrs. Weisner describes the positive changes in her students’ behavior and learning after she implemented Marshall’s program in her classroom.”

Discipline Answers
Discipline Answers (FAQs) are categorized Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ) and responses by Kerry Weisner, the co-author of the Phi Delta Kappan article referred to above. The site provides support to anyone using Discipline without Stress (DWS) for promoting self-discipline and responsible behavior.

Selected Articles
A selection of published articles on discipline, learning, parenting, motivation, increasing effectiveness, and improving relations are shared here.

Rethinking Our Thinking on Discipline
This article appeared in Education Week and explains that empowering students—rather than the usual approach of overpowering them—is so much more effective in promoting responsible behavior and in reducing stress.

Newsletter Archive
The free monthly Discipline Without Stress Newsletter Archives provides additional suggestions on various topics—including how to promote responsibility, increase your effectiveness, improve your relationships, promote learning, discipline without stress, and parent without stress.

Teachers Matter – Printable articles promoting learning
This international publication contains 17 selected articles about promoting learning.
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