Questions and Answers: Discipline System & Raise Responsibility System

More and more people are learning about the Discipline Without Stress methodology and the Raise Responsibility System every day. For those experienced with the approach, as well as for those new to it, here’s a quick summary of how the Raise Responsibility system works.

Step 1: TEACHING – (Students learn four levels of social development) Being proactive by TEACHING AT THE OUTSET is in contrast to the usual approach of just responding to inappropriate behavior.

Step 2: ASKING – (Checking for Understanding) When a disruption occurs, have the student identify the unacceptable level chosen. Note: A major reason for the success of the system is that by identifying something OUTSIDE of oneself, the deed is separated from the doer. The person is not prompted to self-defend, which is one’s natural and usual approach.

Step 3: ELICITING – (Guided Choices) ELICITING a consequence or a procedure to help the student REDIRECT FUTURE IMPULSES. This is in contrast to the more-often-used approach of IMPOSING a consequence.

For more information, be sure the check out these resources: Discipline Without Stress and Raise Responsibility System.