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Free online posters to teach responsible voice levels

I have been teaching my students procedures for appropriate noise levels.  I see that the kids really don’t know how to control their voices very well yet; they need specific instruction on how and why to do it.  I’d also like to have some sort of visual reminder of our discussions posted in the classroom.  Before I go to the work of inventing my own, I thought I’d ask to see if you knew of any such posters that might be available online.  Thanks!


Here are some primary links that might be helpful to you.

  • This one features a beach theme and comes from the blog, “O Fish Ally a First Grader”

Posters with illustrations, suitable for older students:

  • This one, from  Scraps, Splats and Gluesblobs has been created specifically for the art room.  (Look on the right hand sidebar.)  Although it isn’t free, the price of $1.00 seems very reasonable.


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