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What is the difference between classroom management and discipline?

Although related, classroom management and discipline are distinctly different topics. They should not be lumped together as if they were synonymous.

CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT deals with how things are done. It has to do with procedures, routines, classroom structure and is the teacher’s responsibility. When procedures are learned, routines are established. Routines give structure to instruction.

Classroom management is enhanced when procedures are:

1. explained to students,
2. practiced by students, and;
3. when necessary, periodically reinforced by practicing again.

Good classroom management is essential for efficient teaching and learning. Chances are that when you walk into a room, you do not pay much attention to the floor, but if it were missing, you certainly would! This analogy works well for … >>>


How does this discipline system reduce stress?

None of the three phases of this discipline approach–teaching, asking, or eliciting–prompts stress on the part of the teacher (or the student).

When a student misbehaves, the USUAL discipline approach is to tell, threaten, and/or punish. Each of these approaches is coercive and often results in some resistance. When a student does not obey, stress and aggravation escalate.

Discipline without Stress is proactive in that four levels of social development are TAUGHT. This automatically sets the teacher up to use simple cognitive learning theory: teaching (first phase) and then checking for understanding (second phase).

Reference is always made to the LEVEL of social development, not the student. This automatically separates the act from the actor–the deed from the doer–thereby … >>>