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Student Motivation and Discipline

No matter how long you’ve been teaching, you simply cannot judge a student’s motivation with complete accuracy. Within a classroom, where all the children look as if they are doing the same thing, perhaps cooperating with the teacher and quietly doing their assignments, some will be operating on Level C and some will be operating on Level D (for details of the four Levels of Social Development, click here). While you may have few discipline challenges in such a classroom, you’ll never know for sure whether these children are internally or externally motivated.

A person’s motivation can only be accurately determined by that person himself/herself. That is why it’s important for teachers to ask questions that promote self-reflection in … >>>


Increasing Motivation and Reducing Apathy in Schools

The weekly newspaper “USA Today” carried an interesting article about education on May 11, 2011. The article was entitled, ” How to Reshape U.S. Education” and was written by Amy Chua, the author of  “BATTLE HYMN OF THE TIGER MOTHER” and a law professor at Yale University.

The article highlighted the following: “Parents should insist that we combine Asia’s discipline with American creativity so that our children can excel in the global economy.”

As with the vast majority of articles, this one also addresses “what” needs to be done, but does not include any idea of “how” to do it. The article does assert, however, that there is one critical skill where our kids lag behind: learning how to learn.” … >>>