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Discipline Without Stress Testimonials

“Your work cements your position as today’s preeminent authority on teaching and working productively with students of all ages. You are the best thing going in discipline. 

—C.M. Charles, BUILDING CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE (Widely used book for teacher education)

“I am beginning my 15th year as an educator and have been using Discipline Without Stress for 14 years. In my career, hundreds of student teachers have observed my instruction and heard me share the many benefits of your system. We whole-heartedly believe it is one of the key aspects of why our school is so successful.”

Jen Rickards, Sacramento, California

Discipline Without Stress Testimonials

“This is the best year I have had in my 25 years of being a principal. Discipline has not been a problem this year. Students monitor their own behavior and make responsible choices without the use of punishments or rewards.”

—Phelps Wilkins, Principal, Eisenhower Elementary School, Mesa, Arizona

Discipline Without Stress Testimonials

This approach really clarifies the concepts of internal and external motivation. It applies to adults as well. It goes way beyond the classroom. I tell my high school students that that to succeed in college, they must have motivation on Level D. Their motivation must come from within.

I use an alarm clock analogy to drive home Dr. Marvin Marshall’s system. This teaches the importance of establishing a procedure to get to school on time:

  • LEVEL D – You set your alarm clock, wake up, and get to school on time.
  • LEVEL C – You depend on your parents to wake you up to get to school on time.
  • LEVEL B – You ignore your alarm clock and come to school late.
  • LEVEL A – You don’t even set your alarm clock because you are only interested in what you want and do not consider how your actions affect others.”

Jim Mann, High School Physics Teacher

“I would like to thank Dr. Marvin Marshall who changed the way I teach, the way I use management and discipline in my classroom, and the way I look at life.
—Tanis Carter, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Discipline Without Stress Testimonials

“I have a friend who keeps saying, ‘I hope you get a good group this year.’ I keep telling her that it’s my responsibility to set up the classroom in the right way by separating classroom management from discipline and empowering my kids with the gift of responsibility. There is no more hoping that I magically get a good class. It’s all in the way I set up the classroom with the Discipline Without Stress Model.”

—Brianna Siderio, Glendora, New Jersey

Discipline Without Stress Testimonials

By using your methodology, we have transformed our school. Our discipline referrals have been cut by more than half from the year before. The climate is positive, of togetherness, and of cooperation. We are forever grateful for your insight in helping us to renew our dedication to teaching.”

—Esther Severy, Principal, McFadden Intermediate School, Santa Ana, California

Discipline Without Stress Testimonials

“Since you trained our staff, we are seeing enormous improvements in students’ behavior and in reduced teacher stress. Classroom management, discipline, and relationship with students have all significantly improved.”
—Beth Harris, De Anza Middle School, Ventura, California

Discipline Without Stress Testimonials

“For the first time in many years, we had advice we could walk back into the classroom and actually use the next day. You helped us realize the importance of using discipline as a learning tool rather than as a purely punitive measure.”

Gretchen Fleming, Principal, Pattonville High School, Maryland Heights, Missouri

Discipline Without Stress Testimonials

After using the Discipline without Stress® System in our home, life seems so much more enjoyable. The truth is that our children do know what is expected of them. Holding them to a higher level of responsibility has made all of our lives more peaceful.   Thank you.”

—Wendi Hall, Teacher and Parent, Vestavia Hills, Alabama

Discipline Without Stress Testimonials

“Your approach is truly inspiring. I’m using it with my 10 and 12-year old children. It’s awesome!”

 —Connie Fletcher, Spokane, Washington

Discipline Without Stress Testimonials

“Your ideas really help: avoiding negative language, expecting the good, and asking reflective questions. Some ideas seem too easy, but they work.”
—Lena Lilja Hallnisa, Leksand, Sweden

Discipline Without Stress Testimonials

Your presentation inspired motivated and sent 800 teachers off with practical and easy strategies that will make a difference!”

—Karen Boyes, CEO of Spectrum Education, Wellington, New Zealand

Discipline Without Stress Testimonials

“I love the system because I get on with the important things and not spend time with discipline.

—Brenda Zebrynski, Winnipeg, Canada

Discipline Without Stress Testimonials

Your program has been life changing for me, not only in my teaching but also at home. When I became familiar with your program, I was at the end of my most stressful teaching year. As I used your principles, I kept noticing changes in others. I use your approach with my own two children, then 12 and 13, the girl now 17 and boy 18. We now have very stress-free lives.”

—Heather Dyksma, Christchurch, New Zealand

Discipline Without Stress Testimonials

“I have been struggling with my five-year-old who knows his own mind. Coercion was not working! I was at a complete loss until I tried your approach. Your methods have definitely improved our relationships.”
 —Karen McCormick, Norco, California 

“You did an in-service for my school district a while ago. I went to the early session and came back for the second session and you asked me why I chose you instead of going to something else for the second session. I told you that it was because I loved what you said and wanted to hear it again. I also told you that you had great ideas I wanted to implement in my classroom.”
—Jon Jay Ward

“I am a big fan of your book, Discipline Without Stress. I use the principles very effectively in my class.”
—John J. Bullock, Aoba-Japan International School, Tokyo, Japan