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Common Questions and Answers from Educators

  • Discipline Questions Answered - More and more people who want to discipline without coercion are learning about the Discipline Without Stress methodology and the Raise Responsibility System every day. Step 1: TEACHING – (Students learn four levels of development) Being proactive by TEACHING AT THE OUTSET is… Read More

The Teaching Model:

General Questions:

Classroom Mgt:

Importance of Classroom Mgt:
Impulse Control:
Procedures in the Classroom:
Procedures School-wide:

The Three Principles:


The Raise Responsibility System:

An Overview:
Checking for Understanding:
Connections to Literature:
Guided Choices:
The System in Action:
Teaching the Hierarchy:
Understanding the Hierarchy:

Improving Academics:

Motivating Students

  • How to Foster Initiative in Students - Recently a teacher asked me, “Can we really expect ALL children (even kindergartners) to understand and abide by the Discipline Without Stress’ 4 levels of behavior without ANY rewards?”Here is my reply:YES, but you start by differentiating between ACCEPTABLE levels and UNACCEPTABLE levels.… Read More
Creating Desire:

Building Relationships

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