Parenting Without Stress Interview

with Michael F. Shaughnessy
Eastern New Mexico University

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Marv, you have published a book on parenting without stress. Why did you choose this topic to write about this time?

Why are high expectations important for parents to communicate to their kids?

Empower rather than overpower—what does this mean and why is it important?

Why is positivity important and where did you get this concept?

How do you get kids to stop and reflect on what they are doing?

Asking and eliciting—are they two sides of the same coin?

Raising responsible children- when and how should parents start doing this and how?

Why is it important to focus on what young children can BECOME?

How often do parents have to be clear, exact, specific, precise teachers?

Your book has been very positively reviewed literally by parents praising it from all corners of the globe. Why do you think it has been so well received?

Tough question: How does the single parent handle everything they have to handle while also parenting their child?

Where can people get more information or a copy of the book?

What have I neglected to ask?