Why This System

The Discipline Without Stress Teaching Model is unique in that it totally bypasses counterwill and the natural tendency to self-defend a person’s own behavior. It also taps into internal motivation and does not use rewards to control, threats, or imposed punishments. In addition, the adult is always in control by using authority without coercion.

“This is the most human approach ever presented in moving children to intrinsically internalize responsibility.” —Faye Anderson, Principal, 21st Century Academy, San Francisco Unified School District, San Francisco, California

“As a counselor, there are several reasons why I like the system. The main reason is that it is teaching our students the highest levels of social behavior. A second reason is that it is leading our students to use positive, intrinsically motivated behaviors. I always wanted to get students to that level of behavior, but I didn’t know how. With your system we are seeing students operate from intrinsic motivation to do the right thing without being told or reminded. The third reason I like the system is that it is a very compassionate way to deal with students, especially when the students make mistakes in their behavior.” —Peggy Morris, Elementary School Counselor, Mesa Public Schools, Mesa, Arizona

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