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Live Without Stress


Live Without Stress: How to Enjoy the Journey shows how to manage stress that is so prevalent in today's culture. The book demonstrates how to manage your stress and improve effectiveness — both professionally and personally. The key to this amazingly successful approach is in using authority without coercion and understanding the brain-body connection.

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Imagine if you could live your life without stress. Think it’s not possible? Think again. This astonishing approach to living without stress empowers you handle all your stress challenges.

Here are 5 essential tips from the book LIVE WITHOUT STRESS:
• Pivoting

The brain-body connection is such that feelings immediately follow all of our five (5) senses and our thoughts. You cannot stop emotions, but by changing your thinking you can redirect your emotion and improve your stress management skills. You can learn how to do this.

• Positivity
Think negatively and increase your stress. Think positive thoughts and good feelings like hope and empowerment follow. You can learn how to live you life with positivity and improve your stress management skills.

• Choice
Choice ends when life ends. Be aware of you choices and you never need to feel as if you are a victim. You can learn how to make stress-reducing choices.

• Reflection
You can control other people, but you cannot change them. People change themselves. The key to this is to have others WANT to do what you want them to do because THEY WANT TO. The skill of asking reflective questions to yourself and to influence others can be learned by anyone and is one of the most effective skills for stress management.

• Assumptions
All assumptions are guesswork. People are incapable of articulating their motivation—or in many cases do not want to. You can significantly reduce your stress by reducing your assumptions.

LIVE WITHOUT STRESS uses simple strategies to significantly reduce your stress, promote responsibility, increase your effectiveness, improve your relationships, and truly enjoy life’s experiences. Whether your stress stems from work, parenting, teaching, relationships, or a situation you cannot change, the keys are here for you to improve your stress management. Are you ready? A new, happier, more enjoyable, and less stressful life awaits you.

What People are Saying About Live Without Stress

Marvin Marshall is like a fine wine; he keeps getting better with age. His newest book, Live Without Stress, has helped me transition into retirement. It is a must read for people of all ages, full of practical examples and useful tips to get the most out of life. This is a book you will want to keep on your shelf to read and reread through every stage of your life.

Claudia Heinrich Farmington Hills, Michigan

If you’ve been meaning to reduce your stress—and thereby enhance your health—this is a wonderful book that you will not only enjoy, but also be thankful that you read it. I’m thankful that I read this and can apply its recommendations. You will be glad you read this book.

Terry Brock Technology Expert and Author of Klout Matters

If you want to improve your relationships at home, at work, or with friends, read Dr. Marshall’s newest book to gain skills that empower and enrich your ability to reduce your stress. I have implemented changes in our programs to utilize Dr. Marshall’s wisdom and have seen immediate positive results.

Liz Witehira Hamilton, New Zealand

To Live Without Stress is my goal. Dr. Marshall’s new book now brings that goal closer to reality for me—and for you! ‘Live Without Stress’ is practical, applicable and easy to implement. I’m already utilizing the stress relieving, “5-Minute Procedure” (Chapter 7, Procedures). And it works! This book is destined to help many others as well.

Phillip Van Hooser Author of Leaders Ought To Know

To reduce stress, it’s essential to study the assumptions you make, how your thoughts affect your emotions, and how you are motivated. This book is a fascinating look at the brain-body stress connection and how to live a stress-free life.

Randy Gage Author: Risky Is the New Safe and Mad Genius

Dr. Marshall has done it again with this uplifting book that provides practical, proven strategies to reduce stress. Like his other two books, I refer to his recommendations often. He has included examples to assist with the reader’s understanding. I recommend this book for every adult.

Irene Thomas Riverton, Utah

A great read from beginning to end, Dr. Marshall teaches how to reduce stress using research-based techniques to be emotionally, mentally, and physically healthier. What a wonderful resource! I know I will refer to it over and over again!

Janet Gibney Bridgewater, New Jersey

Marshall’s advice on living without stress is relevant and actionable for anyone. He doesn’t mince words or soft peddle easy 1-2-3 ideas that never work in the long run. I highly recommend this book!

Eric Chester Author of Reviving Work Ethic, On Fire at Work, and Employing Generation Why?

Again Marv has conveyed what can be a complex topic with ease, grace and practicality. His knowledge, ideas and experience make for a great read for all that wish to live without stress.

Karen Boyes Editor – Spectrum Education and Habits of the Mind

Dr. Marshall has created a readable, thought provoking book full of great analogies and stories that make his ideas and insights on ‘Live Without Stress’ actionable. The Key Points at the end of each chapter solidify the ideas and keep awareness high so we can easily implement his suggestions.

Elizabeth Jeffries Author of The Heart of Leadership: How to Inspire, Encourage and Motivate People to Follow You

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