Teaching, Learning, and Related Links

The Discipline without Stress Teaching Model
This discipline and learning system is proactive and totally noncoercivebut not permissive—and is used in pre K-12th grade classrooms to handle every discipline problem and improve motivation for learning. View the Discipline without Stress Teaching Model.

The Discipline without Stress Book
This is the landmark and life-changing education book showing how to handle EVERY discipline problem and motivate students to learn and is available in hardback or e-book formats.

View the Raise Responsibility System, the discipline system for people of any age.

Essential Understanding for Successful Teaching
Understanding essentials of teaching is critical.

Tool Enhances Teaching and Learning
Use an inexpensive approach to gain insight into your own styles, receive customized tips to more successfully interact with students, and improve individualization. Once you recognize your own styles, your teaching will be more successful. Learn more about this valuable tool.

Teachers Matter – Printable articles promoting learning 
This international publication contains 17 selected articles that promote learning.

Special Education
Students with challenges can still behave responsibly and improve educational efforts.

Character Education
The system promotes character development and values necessary for democracy.

Counterproductive Approaches
Rather than using how the brain works and how emotions influence earning, too often counterproductive approaches are used.