The Personality Behavior Styles Assessment

In my education and parenting books, I lay out four personality styles. Being aware of your own particular styles increases your effectiveness and improves your relationships with others.

I know from firsthand experience that this information really works. After discovering that my styles were different from our daughter’s styles, I learned how to empower her, rather than imposing my style on her. I became more effective, and our relationships significantly improved.

Although the assessment’s title page is labeled for parents, it is ideal for teachers, leaders, and youth—really for anyone interested in becoming aware of one’s styles. An added dividend is that children, parents, friends, students, colleagues (or anyone else you ask) can complete an anonymous assessment of how they perceive you AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Completing the online assessment takes only 3-5 minutes. Once completed, you will receive a valuable 20+ page report that describes your behavioral tendencies in your interactions with others. You will find taking the assessment to be a valuable investment.

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