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How Teachers and Parents Promote Responsibility & Learning is the landmark publication used around the world to handle every discipline problem with young people, to promote responsible behavior, and to reduce apathy toward learning. Available in laminated hardcover and non-printable eBook. For ordering more than 5 hardbound books – see below.

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“This body of work cements your position as today’s preeminent authority on teaching and working productively with students of all ages.”—C.M. Charles, BUILDING CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE, Pearson, 8th -11th Edition, 2014.

How Teachers and Parents Promote Responsibility & Learning

This landmark book shows how to handle every discipline problem and reduce apathy toward learning. The approach is unique in that it is totally noncoercive (but not permissive) and shows how to use authority without punishments, threats, or coercion. The book’s Raise Responsibility System is quoted in university textbooks for teacher training and in education publications around the world. The book describes how to improve classroom management, reduce impulsivity, and have young people WANT to behave responsibly through internal rather than external motivation. The system is based upon the author’s K – 12 and university teaching experiences, counseling experiences, and administrative experiences—rather than from a theoretical perspective. This is the latest edition © 2012.

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