Procedures School-wide

Start-of-School “Procedures Tour”

For the past three years my elementary school has conducted a “School Procedures Tour.”  In the first year we conducted it in the spring––as a response to what teachers felt was some poor behaviour around the school at that time.  Following that, we became more proactive;  we started our school year with our tour.  By planning ahead like this we were able to anticipate possible problems before they happened and then simply created procedures that would avoid the problems altogether.

On the Procedures Tour ,students are introduced to, or reminded of, school procedures and expectations that all teachers hold for all students in four shared areas in the school.  We have about 250 students in our school of … >>>


School Assembly Procedures

In the first year of our journey toward using Discipline without Stress at my K-6 school, staff members decided to focus on improving common concerns within the school as a whole. Our first goal was to improve student behavior at school assemblies.

Following Part I of the Discipline without Stress Teaching Model, we began by establishing school-wide procedures for this weekly activity.  As Dr. Marshall suggests, we also decided to be proactive. Instead of trying to hurriedly set up the gym as the classes arrived for the assembly (which had been our practice,) students were invited over the P.A. system to volunteer to help with the organization of benches, chairs and piano before school began on Monday mornings.… >>>