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Deep Breathing Techniques to Reduce Stress

The world today is more stressful than ever, and many people are searching for ways to reduce stress. Fortunately, one of the best stress-reducing techniques is something you can easily do on your own, and it requires no special tools. It’s a simple as engaging in deep breathing.

In fact, research is mounting that a powerful technique for stress relief is deep breathing. Just as the name implies, it’s about breathing slowly and deeply, as this reduces anxiety, controls blood pressure, improves heart rate, makes arteries more flexible, and activates the parasympathetic nervous system that reduces the body’s fight-flight-freeze response to danger and stress.

Breathing is ordinarily an involuntary act, but it is the only function through which you can … >>>


Using Breath Management for Better Listening and Voice Preservation

When breathing is active, listening and speaking are improved.

Listening and learning are most effective when breathing is active—rather than passive.

Breathing is ordinarily a passive and a nonconscious act. However, breathing can be made a conscious activity and thereby energize the body for more effective learning and listening alertness.

Once active breathing is learned and practiced, we find ourselves in possession of an extraordinarily powerful technique, which includes:

  1. lowering blood pressure,
  2. calming the emotions,
  3. pumping the spinal fluid,
  4. helping the body realign itself,
  5. calming and controlling the thought process,
  6. managing stress, and enriching the sound of the voice



To begin teaching your body conscious breathing, imagine that someone hands you an extraordinary gift; you GASP in … >>>