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How to Discipline When a Child is Making a Scene

At some point, all parents have had to deal with a child who did not want to listen or comply with what needed to be done. Whether it was getting the child to buckle his or her car seat or leave a fun place (such as a public swimming pool or beach), the child resisted to the point of making a scene.

What’s a parent to do? Discipline the child by imposing a punishment? Bribe the child by offering a reward? Neither. Following are the best discipline approaches for this situation.

First, understand that children mature when they begin to realize that other people’s interests are also involved in their decisions. Having a youngster become aware of this is one … >>>


Disciplining a Challenging Child

If you have a very challenging youngster, here is a technique that will give you and the child success.

Give the disrupting child four clothespins. Clip them together to make a square. At the beginning of the school day place them on top of the student’s desk where they are readily visible and accessible.

When the particularly challenging student acts irresponsibly, quietly ask for a clothespin.

Taking the clothespin gives something tangible to attach to an undesirable behavior and an opportunity to have the child make a better choice. The student is prompted to reflect, “Is this behavior worth losing a clothespin, or can I figure this out on my own?>>>