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Exercise Boosts Academic Performance

A new study from researches at the University of Dundee, University of Bristol, and University of Georgia found that the more time teens spend exercising, the better they tend to do on tests. Specifically, the more active the child was at age 11, the greater their academic performance was during the tests in the following years. This held true even after taking into account other factors such as socioeconomic status, weight, and the child’s puberty status.

How does exercise boost academic performance? “Studies have revealed relationships between PA [physical activity] and relevant cognitive outcomes such as measures of executive function, as well as studies suggesting that PA might increase time ‘on task’ in class and reduce classroom ‘problem behavior,’” the … >>>


Positivity, Choice, and Reflection Exercise for Students

Gratitude is not only the greatest of all the virtues but the parent of all the others. —Cicero

The following exercise combines three practices of positivity, choice, and reflection. Hal Urban has conducted the exercise for many years with amazing results. Since young people think about what they lack—more often than they think about what they have—the exercise is a wonderful way to foster gratitude and positive thinking and self-discipline.

Inform your students to conduct themselves for the next twenty-four hours without complaining.

  • Tell them not to stop the experiment even if they do complain.
    Just have them see how few complaints they can make in one day.
  • Give each student a blank card, such as 3
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