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Experiences Promote Responsibility

A generation or two ago, parents promoted the characteristics of initiative and perseverance to their children. In other words, parents thought twice before doing things for young people that the youngsters could do for themselves. Of course, without the presence of 24/7 technology permeating every aspect of life back then, times, in general, were slower and perhaps even less stressful. Today, most people (young and old alike) want things done now—quickly and correctly. This may explain, in part, why adults tend to do more things for youth.

We can promote initiative and perseverance, which are part and parcel of responsibility, by asking ourselves, “If I do this for the youngster when I know that the youngster is capable, will I … >>>


Why Discipline is Different Today

Manufacturing—building tangibles—led and fed the economies in the 19th and 20th centuries. There were a few originators, but most people were followers. Obedience, implementation of rules, and top-down management were the orders of the day.

What drives our 21st century? The creation and distribution of information. Rather than compliance, initiative is required.

People rarely will work for one company all their lives. Increasingly, many people are now working as independent contractors instead of working for others. The number of individual entrepreneurs is continually growing. People in their twenties are planning their retirements forty years in advance because they no longer believe that traditional retirements will suffice in their older years. The society of the 21st century requires initiative—not merely following … >>>