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Common Core Standards and Motivation

It seems that every week I hear more and more about the Common Core Standards, and most of it is negative or another attack against it. Some states have even dropped these voluntary national standards for reading and math for K-12 students. As one of the early opponents of the Common Core Standards, I am glad that others are realizing the flaws inherent in them.

Of course, I understand the motive behind the standards. The objective is to ensure students are ready for college and work. And because so many students are not equipped for success in these two arenas, educational leaders are attempting to solve the challenge by establishing common standards.

Establishing standards sounds and feels good. But really, … >>>


Homework: Whose Responsibility is It?

School has started in many areas (and will start very soon everywhere else). This is the time of year when Dr. Marshall gets many questions from teachers and parents about homework—specifically how to handle a child who simply refuses to do homework.

Many times the question comes in after the adult has asked the child reflective questions and has spoken to him/her positively about the matter. Often, the youth is also well aware of the various levels of The Hierarchy of Social Development and knows where his/her behavior falls when refusing to do the homework.

So what’s the solution?

According to Dr. Marshall, no one can force another person to learn. The person needs to be motivated. If there is … >>>