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What To Do When Your School Mandates PBIS

I periodically receive emails from teachers informing me that their school is implementing PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). This program gives rewards for expected behaviors—which the teachers do not believe is a good practice. Teachers have been using Discipline Without Stress and are wary of PBIS that focuses on external motivation—especially since the teachers have been so successful with their current system that uses internal motivation to have students want to behave responsibly and put forth effort in their learning. Sophisticated teachers understand that external maniulators change motivation. Once a reward is given to do what is expected, one never knows if the motivation for a future action will be to do the right thing or to get a … >>>


PBIS Mandated

A teacher contacted me about Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports (PBIS) being mandated in her school. The district has a new superintendent who used PBIS in his former district. The teacher has been using Discipline Without Stress for 10 years with great success and asked if there was any assistance I could give her because she does not want to use PBIS. She does not believe that young people should be rewarded for doing things that are expected of them. She asked me to please include the conversation I had with her in my next newsletter. Here it is.

I suggested she ask her students if they feel mature enough to make decisions themselves or whether they want the teacher … >>>