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Lyrics “Plant a Radish” for Parents

Jim Cathcart’s book, The Acorn Principle, argues that an acorn is capable of becoming a mighty oak, but it will never become a giant redwood—no matter how much you feed or push it. 

The lyrics to “Plant a Radish” from the musical The Fantastics makes the same point:


Plant a radish; get a radish.
Never any doubt!
That’s why I love vegetables;
you know what they’re about.

Plant a turnip; get a turnip.
Maybe you’ll get two.
That’s why I love vegetables;
you know that they’ll come through.

They’re dependable! They’re “befriendable”!
They’re the best pal a parent’s ever known.
While with children, it’s bewildering.
You don’t know until the seed is nearly grown
Just what you’ve sown.

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