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180 School Annoucements: One Question A Day


This publication shares 180 short, reflective questions to be part of the school’s daily announcements.


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This book is based upon the simple fact that, although someone can control someone else, no one can change another person. People change themselves, and the art of accomplishing this is to induce the person to want to change. The most effective approach for accomplishing this is by asking reflective questions, which is the reason that this book has been produced.

Each day a reflective question is announced over the school’s public address system. Because the announcement originates from the front office of the school, the question comes across as formal and important. As a result, everyone in the school—students and staff alike—tend to pay attention. In the classroom where students have heard the question, there is a natural tendency to reflect on the question that has been posed. This act of reflection induces change.


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