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Teaching What Level A Behavior Looks Like to Young Children

Many teachers and parents have some reluctance to using terms like “anarchy” and “democracy” to describe the levels of the Hierarchy of Social Development, especially with young children. At first, I shared that reluctance.

These terms seem so advanced, especially for youngsters in kindergarten and preschool. But the only reason they seem advanced is because we ourselves were so much older when we first came across these words.

It may be helpful to remember that young children are constantly coming across new words and abstract concepts. Children absorb new words quite readily. They have no context for deciding whether any particular word is more “advanced” or “difficult” than any other. For them, it’s just a new word. After all, they … >>>


Using the Levels of Development with Very Young People

The Levels of Development uses just four (4) concepts, or vocabulary terms, to describe two unacceptable behaviors (Level A and Level B) and two other terms to describe the concepts of external motivation (Level C) and internal motivation (Level D). The use of these terms leads to improved self-discipline.

Some primary teachers feel uncomfortable using the terms associated with unacceptable behaviors—anarchy and bullying. Rather than ignoring these negative concepts, young people are empowered when they can identify, articulate, and resist them.

The way to learn a concept is to have a way to describe it. This is the reason that one of the most fundamental approaches to … >>>