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How to Live a Happy Life

What is the secret to living a happy life? Is happiness something that results from an action or state of being? Or is happiness a choice you can make regardless of the situation? I believe, in more cases than not, that happiness is definitely a choice.

Success does not bring happiness. In fact, if we equate happiness with success, we will never achieve the amount of success necessary to make us happy. There is always more success than we can achieve. However, as long as what we do is JOYFUL and MEANINGFUL, happiness will ensue.

Money is not the root of happiness. Some unhappy poor people have the illusion that money will make them happy. Have you ever noticed how … >>>


Happiness is a Choice

Most people say that they want to be happy, but they have no idea how to achieve it. Stress from work, family, the news media, and many other sources make happiness seem impossible for many. But happiness is indeed a worthwhile objective, especially since science tells us that happy people are more effective than unhappy people.

So how can you achieve happiness on a daily basis? There is no magic secret to happiness. In reality, happiness is the result of a myriad of little decisions made every day. To be happy, simply REFLECT BEFORE you make those little decisions. Two questions to ask yourself are, “What’s my goal in doing this?” and “How will I feel if I achieve it?”… >>>


The Discipline of Happiness

Have you noticed that many parents, teachers, and students these days seem unhappy? Have you also noticed a rise in classroom discipline? Does unhappiness cause students to act out and adults to respond with traditional and ineffective discipline techniques?

Well, I assert that we all have a moral responsibility to be happy.

We owe it to our spouse or partner, our fellow workers, our children, our students, our friends—indeed to anyone who comes into our lives. If for no other reason, people act more decently when they are happy. Students act out less, and adults are less stressed.

So how do we achieve happiness? Well, if we equate happiness with success, we will never achieve the amount of success necessary … >>>