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Discipline Without Stress Newsletter – September 2014

—Volume 14 Number 9


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At this back-to-school time of year, I share a phrase that I imagine many students think: “Don’t blow out my candle.”

It is important to realize that we live our lives on all levels of the Hierarchy of Social Development.

Rich Lowry, in his book “Lincoln Unbound” (2013), states that some people convinced Lincoln to run for the Illinois state legislature in 1832. He was just 23 at the time. This was certainly external motivation. I had similar experiences when a colleague suggested I become a high school principal.

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Sometimes Coaching is the Best Discipline

At some point we all have to deal with a difficult child. But before you engage in discipline, realize that often kids would rather be bad than stupid. In fact, a reason they misbehave is they don’t want to be failures. The Raise Responsibility System is the foundation for handling irresponsible behavior. However, sometimes you have to do a little bit more to help a youngster become more responsible.

In these instances, rather than look to the coercive discipline methods of punishments, rewards, or lectures, try to engage in coaching.

Here’s how it works: Think of young people as lacking skills, rather than as being non-compliant. Few children are maliciously non-compliant. We teach young people how to swing a baseball … >>>