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Without Stress Newsletter – August 2016

Volume 16 Number 8 August 2016
Newsletter #181 Archived


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Growth is its own reward.

A few months ago I started to share my experience in Finland and their educational system. However, so many projects have intervened since that I regret not posting the other articles and explaining the reasons that Finland’s educational system performs with the best countries in the world. The articles can be read by searching  at WithoutStress in the upper right corner for “Finland.”

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Deming’s Principles in Schools

As a long-term follower and advocate of W. Edwards Deming, I recently reviewed “Total Quality Education: Profiles of Schools that Demonstrate the Power of Deming’s Management Principles” by Michael Schmoker and Richard Wilson, published by the Phi Delta Kappa of Bloomington, Indiana.

Here are the approaches that these successful schools have in common based on Deming’s’ ideas.

  1. Purpose: They have a clear, well-defined purpose that centers on academic and intellectual accomplishment. This purpose is vigilantly reiterated and reinforced.
  2. Measurement: They plan carefully and then regularly and relentlessly measure progress for every significant goal. And they use these measurements not to punish but to continually improve the quality of teacher and student performance.
  3. Morale: They maintain high morale by creating
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