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How To Avoid Saying NO

Ever say “NO!” to a person?

It seems rather obvious that the response to this question prompts negative feelings. If you ask for something and you receive a negative response, you will not be very pleased.

The negative response not only may prompt stress for the receiver of the comment, but it can also prompt negative feelings and some stress for the person giving the response. What parent or manager derives pleasure in saying “NO!” to someone?

Someone who was about to adopt a child asked me how to avoid the common response by so many parents of NOT continually saying, ‘No!’” (“No, you cannot do that!” “No, you cannot have that!”)

My response: Say “Not yet.”

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Parenting Young Children – A very successful technique

When I ask parents of young children if they ever say “No” to their children, I always receive an affirmative answer. “Of course.”

After all, isn’t it natural to teach young children that they can’t have evrything they want?

Yes, young people need to learn that they cannot get every thing they want. The question is, however, how do you communicate this while at the same time not not having the child develop negative feelings toward the parent or the situation.

The answer lies in adding a simple word to “NO!.”

Simply say, “Not yet.” 

This simple phrase doesn’t prompt the negative feeling that “No” does while, at the same time, giving future hope.

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