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Discipline Without Stress Newsletter – August 2014

—Volume 14 Number 8


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Rules impose rather than empower. —Rebecca Morgan

An e-mail about last month’s newsletter:
Another newsletter chock full of practical and easy to use suggestions that can be IMMEDIATELY IMPLEMENTED. Your ideas and suggestions have contributed greatly to an awesome summer camp in our neighborhood community center in San Antonio, Texas.
Carlos Gonzalez, Co-Chair – West End Hope in Action


From a recent e-mail I received:

I am interested in implementing your ideas in my classroom. They make such sense to me, and I am very excited! What do

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The Levels of Development and the Police

When I again presented in Sacramento, California, one of the participants told me that he had attended one of my seminars in Sacramento several years previously and that he uses the Levels of Development in various situations—including those when he assists the local police. I asked Frank to share with attendees how he uses the program after arresting a youth and transporting that young person to the police department.

Frank starts by being proactive. He explains the Levels of Development of the discipline plan, and he then informs the person that it is the person’s choice as to how he/she will be treated upon arrival at the destination. Frank explains that operating on Level A or Level B will … >>>