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Punishment versus Discipline

The number one question I receive from people is this: “Can you give me an easy way to explain to someone the difference between punishment and discipline?”

Here is the easiest distinction—one that is simple for most people to understand and remember:

PUNISHMENT is what is done TO a person.
DISCIPLINE is what is done FOR a person.

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Tell me how procedures are used in a discipline situation.

I don’t understand how the teaching of procedures can be used in a discipline situation.  Can you give me an example?


Having used Discipline without Stress for several years now, I understand the importance of teaching procedures at the start of the school year. Even so, I still find that I sometimes forget this important step in my teaching and then suffer the consequences. Luckily though, I also know how Dr. Marshall would suggest remedying such a situation. He would suggest backtracking–to teach the procedures that I should have taught in the first place! Here is an example of one such impromptu “lesson” which turned out to be extremely helpful for the remainder of the school year.

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