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The Secret to Stress-Free Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a part of life. Does taking a risk stress you out?

Well, stress no more… this next tip will make risk assessment easy and have you reaping the rewards of risk taking.

Any time you engage in an activity you are taking a risk. This is how we all live our lives. From getting out of bed in the morning and not losing your balance so you don’t fall, to crossing the street and hoping a car doesn’t hit you, life is filled with risks.

Even relationships involve taking risks. If you commit to someone, the risk is that the relationship won’t be mutually advantageous.

Now, keeping in mind that we are always making choices—and thereby taking … >>>


Questions for Risk-Taking

A close relative of mine asked my counsel regarding a new job she had just accepted. Two of her friends had suggested that she not take the job—that it was too risky and that she may not succeed.

I asked her, “What’s the worst thing that can happen?”

She responded, “I could get fired.”

I asked, “Can you live with that?

She said, “Yes.”

I suggested that with the risk comes the reward and that if she stays positive and continues to reflect before she makes choices, she will succeed. However, if for some reason, she doesn’t, her life experiences will have been enhanced. Either way, she wins by taking the position.… >>>