The Secret to Stress-Free Risk Assessment

Image of a gauge showing low, medium, and high risk

Risk assessment is a part of life. Does taking a risk stress you out?

Well, stress no more… this next tip will make risk assessment easy and have you reaping the rewards of risk taking.

Any time you engage in an activity you are taking a risk. This is how we all live our lives. From getting out of bed in the morning and not losing your balance so you don’t fall, to crossing the street and hoping a car doesn’t hit you, life is filled with risks.

Even relationships involve taking risks. If you commit to someone, the risk is that the relationship won’t be mutually advantageous.

Now, keeping in mind that we are always making choices—and thereby taking risks—let’s look at the best way to do a personal risk assessment.

Risk Assessment 101

The process is not complicated. To reduce anxiety and stress, just analyze the situation.

Before embarking on the undertaking, examine the venture and ponder these questions:

  1. What is the best thing that could happen as a result of this action?
  2. In contrast, what is the worst that could happen as a result of this action?
  3. Finally, what is the most likely result of this action?

If the most likely result would take you toward your goal, and you are willing to deal with the worst possible result, go ahead with the venture.

Tip: With the risk comes the reward.

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