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Managing Anger Reduces Stress

Managing anger reduce stress when when procedures are rehearsed.

A low tolerance for frustration can have people become easily angered. Some people have a very difficult time taking things in stride. They’ become especially infuriated and stressed when they believe that a situation is unfair. Here are some approaches that help curb anger and frustration.

Deep breathing, meditation, or listening to a calming CD reduces angry feelings. Interestingly, the opposite approach of engaging in physical exercise can also reduce anger and stress.

Anger can erupt from very serious issues in our lives. Frustrations occur at home, on the job, and in conversations. The key here is to focus on finding a solution to the specific issue. When you focus on … >>>


Teaching Visualization for Classroom management

Visualizing procedures enhances classroom management. The foundation of effective classroom management is modeling, practicing, and reinforcing procedures. Right-hemisphere oriented students tend to act spontaneously and process randomly. These folks need structure, and helping them visualize procedures may be the best approach to help these students help themselves and enhance their success.

Here is an example how I used visualization to help a student arrive in my classroom on tine. 

Mary was consistently late to my second period class. Assigning her detention had little positive affect on having her change her behavior. So I had a conversation with Mary and asked what she customarily did before coming to my class. She told me that she would go to her locker to … >>>