July 10, 2017

Stress can be a killer. It can kill the joy of life. It can kill a career. Experts tell us that it can literally kill you. In ‘Live Without Stress: How to Enjoy the Journey,’ Dr. Marvin Marshall gives us some practical, real-world ideas on how to manage stress and live a much healthier life.
“I particularly liked the way he addressed the importance of a positive attitude, nutrition, the right amount of sleep and more. After making the case for reducing and managing stress in a healthy, positive way, he gives a lot of great ideas that you can implement immediately.
“The ideas presented are backed up with good authorities and research. Marshall offers steps to take that are based on sound, reasonable approaches that can work for you in your daily life.
“If you’ve been meaning to reduce your stress—and thereby enhance your health—this is a wonderful book that you will not only enjoy, but also be thankful that you read it. I’m thankful that I read this and can apply its recommendations. You will be glad you read this book. —Terry Brock