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Live Without Stress

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Hardback now $5!

Marv is Retiring … And Other Important News

After a long and prosperous career as a teacher, school administrator, speaker, author, consultant, and creator of the Without Stress trilogy, it is time for me to embark on yet another phase of my life: retirement.

Realize, though, that this is not an ending to the resources you have known and loved for many decades. Rather, this is the beginning of some great opportunities for you.

One of the top priorities of my retirement transition is to liquidate my remaining physical inventory of books. This means some great deals for you. If you’ve been wanting a copy of one of my books but have been holding off, or if you’ve always wanted a bulk quantity of materials for your school, district, or organization, now is the time to act.

  • Individual copies of any of my books will be discounted to a mere $5 per copy (plus shipping). Click on the books above or go HERE.
  • If you’re wanting to make a bulk purchase for your school, district, or organization, make an offer. No reasonable offer will be refused. Simply send an email to and let me know which book(s) or materials you are interested in and how many.
  • Please note that this liquidation offer is currently only available for shipping within the United States. I will update you when international shipping becomes available.


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