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Parenting Without Stress (English & Spanish Versions)


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How to Raise Responsible Kids While Keeping a Life of Your Own is a multiple award-winner and the only approach that is TOTALLY noncoercive (but not permissive) and does not use rewards, threats, or punishments.

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How to Raise Responsible Kids While Keeping a Life of Your own

This multiple award-winning book, written for anyone working with young people, is life-changing. It shows how to have young people influence themselves to become more responsible by implementing three practices and by using the Raise Responsibility System. Bribes in the form of rewards, threats, and/or imposed punishments are not necessary. By showing how to promote responsibility, rather than aiming at obedience, you become more effective, improve relationships, promote responsibility, and reduce stress for all.

Winner of the Mom’s Choice Award
Winner of the Eric Hoffer Book Award
Winner of the International Book Award
Winner of the ForeWord Reviews Book Award
Winner of the USA Book News Best Books Award

From Kirkus Reviews, Nov 2017
This book is a methodical, doggedly optimistic guide to parenting.

This densely packed book begins by offering that cherished dream of young parents throughout history: a “less stressful and more effective approach” to parenting. To achieve this dream, Marshall advocates a disciple approach referred to as the “Raise Responsibility System.”

The author points out that mothers and fathers in the modern era live in a radically different world than their earlier counterparts. Most modern children, he says, enjoy an unprecedented level of independence that one needs to factor in to a basic parenting strategy.

Marshall urges a total paradigm shift, eschewing compulsion in favor of cooperation and urging influence instead of dictatorship. In his system, parents do not rely on coercing their children in the form of bribes to control, threats, or imposing punishments.

An imposed consequence, Marshall writes, “only works when the young person finds value in the relationship or when the person sees value in what the child is being asked to do.”

A joyful humanism wins the day: “Teaching young people that they always have a choice and need not be victims is truly one of the most valuable insights parents can share,” the author writes.

PARENTING WITHOUT STRESS is thought provoking, revisionary advice on how to raise kids.

Children become the dominating figures of one’s life when they enter the picture. “Parenting Without Stress: How to Raise Responsible Kids While Keeping a Life of Your Own” is a guide for parents who want to attain the perfect balance in life where they can actually have a personal life and still show love and care for their children. Parenting is a naturally stressful thing, but it can be repelled through wise planning and making connections. “Parenting Without Stress” is a top pick for parents who love their children but have their love stressing them out.

AUDIO BOOK: The Parenting without Stress® audio book set contains eight (8) hours of recordings made by Nancy Sellers, a Chicago-based former teacher who has hosted television programs and has appeared in feature films, hundreds of industrial films, and dozens of commercials.

This unabridged audio book set is available for $29.99 from iTunes or CDBaby

ISBNS: 978-0-9700606-6-2, 978-0-9700606-5- , 978-1-935636-86-1, 978-1-935636-85-4

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