Employing Your Nonconscious Mind

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Make your nonconscious mind your friend.

The nonconscious mind believes what the conscious mind tells it. When a thought flits through your mind, your nonconscious mind “hears” it, believes it, and records it. Your conscious mind may forget about it immediately, but it’s in a permanent file in your brain.

Your nonconscious mind is the storehouse for your habits and all of what you do without consciously thinking about them, which means that your nonconscious mind has a profound effect on you.

For example, if you think that you will not sleep well tonight, your conscious mind believes you and creates a roadblock. If you think that you will not pass some employment or other exam, you are programming negative thoughts. Pessimists always feed their nonconscious mind with negative thoughts, and the pessimism becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Make a conscious decision to give yourself permission to always find some positive thought to redirect negative ones. Successful people learn to think with optimism and positivity in every situation.

Tip: Think of a coin—negative on one site and positive on the other. Flip it so the positive side is on top.