A Final Thought on Discipline about Today’s Approaches

I received the following communication, which I am sharing because it articulates what so many teachers think about the current stage of discipline in schools.

“I used your strategies successfully for several years. It is a wonderful system that also works at home and in our private lives. I am completely sold. I love Dr. Marshall’s book. I learned so much.

“However, I have recently struggled to implement the discipline system in my classroom. There were so many obstacles. Kids were fine with it and understood it. I loved that part! But principals and parents could or would not support it. Several times I was told by a principal not to use it and to use whatever he/she wanted. The reward and punishment mentality is so very ingrained today. I spent so much of my own money buying treats, prizes, and rewards. It wasn’t the way to go. 

“I recently retired after a thirty-eight year teaching career. Looking back, I don’t know the way to fix the current thinking. Today’s social and political climate makes the discipline approach difficult to be successfully implemented in schools. The prevailing ‘entitlement mentality’ is overwhelming. Kids aren’t being taught what they need to know or should know. They certainly aren’t being trained to be happy, successful, or independent folks. It’s so sad.

“I hope that younger teachers can continue the cause. I hope that Dr. Marshall can try to understand what is going on in public schools today and guide teachers accordingly.”

Central California