A New High School Teacher’s Experience

When I was offered a teaching position at Central Florida Aerospace Academy, it was shrouded with the understandable skepticism that surrounds most first year teachers. Could this “rookie” really handle a predominately male academy offering a notoriously male dominated curriculum? The answer was and is ABSOLUTELY YES! What my administrators did not know at the time was the finely tuned instrument I had tucked away in my “classroom bag of tools,” namely, Dr. Marvin Marshall’s Raise Responsibility System.

Dr. Marshall’s plan allowed/allows me the freedom to focus my efforts toward truly differentiated instruction and creative teaching methods without having to stumble over the “first year teaching” potholes and pitfalls of classroom discipline. My first year of teaching was AWESOME and I managed to run my classroom truly “WITHOUT STRESS, PUNISHMENTS OR REWARDS.”

Interestingly, I was summoned to the office after the first term and asked if anything was wrong. I did not understand the origin of my administrator’s question and inquired as to the source of his concern. He was worried that I had not ONE referral to his office the entire semester. Something, obviously, had to be wrong. This was not possible. On the contrary, everything was absolutely right!

Not only did/does the system promote responsibility in my students, it encourages self-discipline that leads to accountability in and out of my classroom. Because of Dr. Marshall’s tangible plan I was/am able to open my classroom and take 120-150 students into the field for scientific research with confidence, knowing I have empowered them to raise responsibility.

Thank you, Dr. Marshall, for allowing me to take science education to a new level!

With your Raise Responsibility System all systems are Go for a GREAT year…EVERY year!

Lori Bradner, Science Teacher
Kathleen High School
Lakeland, Florida