An Urban School’s Experience

This is the conclusion of our first year using your program.  We all read the book last summer and had discussion sessions. We started off the year all on the same page.

There was some concern that being so polite and respectful to our children would not work since they were not used to being dealt with respectfully. We are a school filled with students at risk, 99% African American and 96% receive free or reduced school lunch.

We have been very impressed with the program. Every teacher has the chart on the wall and every teacher uses the same terms.

Teachers now discuss issues with students, and office referrals are down over 50%.  Suspensions have also been reduced by approximately 25%. The overall environment in the building has changed positively, and we are now focused upon teaching and learning rather than managing disruptive behavior. Teacher morale is higher and students like being treated respectfully.

 I have also noticed that staff interacts more positively with each other. No one is yelling at students anymore and staff conflicts seem to be fewer and less intense. 

My staff and I are grateful that we learned about your program and continue to praise it and will continue to implement it in the years to come.

Richard M. Rubin, Principal
Hope Elementary Charter School
Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina