Behavior at Level “A”


What sort of consequence would a student with level “A” behavior receive? I’ve been down the rewards and punishment route but as we know, it is not effective.

I repeat instructions until the student complies or a more serious consequence seems inevitable. It is very important that the child know that insubordination will not be tolerated.


The answer to this is in a prime difference between Discipline Without Stress and other approaches. Whether the consequence is referred to as logical or natural, as long as it is IMPOSED it will prompt a negative feeling and, therefore, one of resistance.

Rather than imposing a consequence, ELICIT it. The conversation goes something like, “This behavior is on a level that is simply inappropriate in our classroom, and it is unacceptable. What do you suggest we do so that you will not continue to be a victim of these impulses?”

Continue to ask, “What else?” “What else?” “What else?” until the student comes up with a procedure or consequence that will help the student redirect future impulses.

This noncoercive approach sends the message that you want to help the student, rather than a desire to control the student.

Review the example at Impulse Management.

It is very important to understand that this is NOT a permissive approach. Responsibility is placed ON THESTUDENT—where it belongs.

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