Bullying, the Bus Driver, and Punishments

Karen Klein, the bus supervisor in Greece, New York has recently been in the headlines since a student videoed  her being bullied by some middle school students and then posted it on the Internet. The video went viral.

The media has been clamoring for the involved students to be punished. 

What form should the punishment take? The usual approach is to have punishment imposed. In this way discipline standards will be maintained. However, a more effect approach is to ELICIT the punishment. Having the person or people involved will have them committed to responsible behavior. The reason is that when  punishment is imposed, future motivation will be based on fear. Having young people committed to responsible behavior is far more effective than motivation based on a negative approach—as with fear.

You can learn more about eliciting, rather than imposing punishments and consequences; see number 10 at counterproductive approaches.