Discipline and Alarm Clock

The following is from a  communication to me about self-discipline:

I added "Bugging" and "Breaks classroom procedures" to Level B. I also added "A piling on" to Level A because I use a football analogy. Some students choose to tease other students. This is hurtful behavior.

I explain to my students that in order to learn, they must: 1) follow classroom procedures and 2) meet behavior standards.

I use the levels to teach the importance of establishing a procedure each morning to get to school on time. I give an alarm clock analogy:
—Level D – You set your alarm clock, wake up, and get to school on time.
—Level C – You depend on your parents to wake you up and get to school on time.
—Level A/B – You hurt yourself by ignoring your alarm clock and come to school late.

Your approach really clarifies the concepts of internal and external motivation. It applies to adults, too. It goes way beyond the classroom. I tell my high school students that to succeed in college, they must have motivation on Level D. Their motivation must come from within.

Thanks again,

Jim Mann