Discipline Without Stress in China

This post was prompted by a message from Leo, a teacher in China.

In an attempt to spread Discipline Without Stress and share success, Leo requested that we post a comment on his blog (weblog).

He wrote, “I would like to share my blog. It is a very new and raw site, mostly about Discipline Without Stress experience here in China. I also have some pics of my classroom and my students there. If you are interested in how I use Discipline Without Stress in my 90-students classroom, check it out.

“I would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment there. I need your encouragements and believe it is one of best ways to let more people in China get to know Discipline Without Stress.

“I hope it could become a platform for Chinese teachers and also other teachers in the whole world, too.”

I entered the following:

The levels of the social development hierarchy are very applicable to the Chinese culture. I learned this first hand when I visited and presented in China, where my book was translated into “Simple Chinese.”

Level C standards of behavior are the expectation and the norm in the culture.

Level D would be characterized by the same behavior, but the MOTIVATION to act would be that people WANT to do what is expected.

Thanks for spreading the word.


Many search engines, such as Google, base a major criterion of their rankings on the number of links to a site. The reasoning is that if a site has many links to it then the site must be useful.

HERE IS MY REQUEST: To help spread the message that using a noncoercive approach to foster responsibility is worth sharing, and if you have access to a website or blog, please have it linked to MarvinMarshall.com.

Thank you for your help in spreading the word.