Evidence that the Discipline Without Stress Teaching Model Works

This past Sunday (April 20, 2014), the highly-rated 60 Minutes TV program highlighted the Excellent Boys Charter School in Brooklyn, New York. This school uses a similar approach to what Marva Collins developed in Chicago. Both schools have high expectations, empower their students, and do not allow victimhood thinking—exactly what I will show teachers how to accomplish next week when I present in Chicago. This is yet another indication of how successful the Discipline Without Stress Teaching Model can be.

I often receive letters from teachers and administrators about the Discipline Without Stress model. Here is one I received recently from a school in Bronx, New York:

“I highly recommend taking advantage of working with Dr. Marvin Marshall. He provides copies of his book Discipline Without Stress, Punishments or Rewards to each staff member at the school, workbooks that connect to the book, his DVD, and an in-service from Dr. Marshall. His theory of empowering young people and the promotion of responsibility and learning builds relationships and community. The whole discipline system at The Bronx Guild is based on the work of Dr. Marvin Marshall. We were lucky to have Dr. Marshall work with our school this summer and the year had a 72% decrease in suspensions at our school. I recommend taking advantage of this opportunity.”

–Jeffrey J. Palladino, Co-director, The Bronx Guild: A Big Picture School, Bronx, New York

As my longtime readers and followers know, my goal is to help teachers and parents promote responsibility and learning in today’s youth. My approach has students WANT to become more self-disciplined, reduce negative impulses and victimhood thinking, and gain the satisfaction that comes from doing what is right—without rewards, threats, or punishments. If you agree with this goal, please share this information with your colleagues, schools, and friends.