Harry Wong and the Raise Responsibility System

The most referenced book in education is Dr. Harry Wong and Dr. Rosemary Wong’s book, “How to Be an Effective Teacher: The First Days of School.” Their book has sold over 3, 000,000 copies and is purchased for new teachers in thousands of school districts, in over 50 countries, by over 400 colleges, and for the vast majority of teacher training programs.

The 2004 edition lists and gives websites for eight discipline approaches. However, only one is described in detail: The Raise Responsibility System. The Wongs captured the soul of the system:

“The essence of the plan is to teach that democracy and responsibility are inseparable.” (p. 164 in bold font)

Incidentally, the Wongs offer considerable assistance to classroom management with structuring, teaching routines to the point of rituals, and establishing procedures. Every teacher, new or experienced, should visit teachers.net where Harry and Rosemary contribute regularly to the monthly site. I also contribute a monthly article at the invitation of the Wongs.

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  1. I have read Harry Wong’s, The First Days of School, and loved it. It was my first year teaching, and I was having trouble in classroom management. Luckily, I had attended a seminar about classroom management, and his name came up. From that day forward, The First Days of School, has saved me lots of time and energy.