Hone Your Future Focus

future focus

Your future focus is important because what you focus on is what you become. Do you tend to focus on events from the past or on images of the future? One way to know for sure is to look at the words you continually say to yourself. If you find that you often use the word “should,” chances are you are focusing on the past.

Eliminate “should” from your self-talk immediately. In terms of self-talk, the word “should” has little or no constructive value. It usually pertains to the past—what should have been done or what should not have been done.

Realize that the past cannot be undone. It is silly to water last year’s flowers or events that no longer exist. Besides, today is the tomorrow you dreamed about yesterday. When the focus is on the past, success will not be forthcoming. But when you stay in the present and have a future focus, you reduce stress and experience better outcomes.

Get in the Future Focus Mindset

Two phrases to replace “should” and that help you develop a future focus are: “What can I do next time?” or “Now how am I going to fix it?” These phrases help you to embrace a positive outlook on the situation, they promote problem-solving, and they increase your chance of success.

Here is the key point to remember: Focus on the “now” and on the future.

It is a fact of brain-body connection that when you have a future focus, you create positive images in the brain. These images drive behavior, which will in turn help you achieve your goals while reducing stress.


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