How the System Helped in A Tragedy

As a leader, teacher, or parent, one never knows how far one's influence extends.

Susan Taylor stopped me at a national conference and thanked me. She is principal at Franklin School of the Newark Public Schools in New Jersey. I had presented at her school. Ten days later the twin World Trade Towers in New York City across the river from New Jersey were destroyed. Susan told me that by the end of that school day only 50 of her 500 students were left in school. It was understandable that panic reigned on the east coast of the United States that dreadful morning.

She then told me that having the Raise Responsibility System in the school's knowledge bank assisted the school to better bear the tragedy of the event. "The children moved from chaos and anarchy into a collective community, thanks to the Raise Responsibility System."

Three integral practices of  the teaching model are to communicate in POSITIVE terms, to be aware that we CHOOSE our reactions, and to REFLECT on our choices.