Learning and Technology

One of the beautiful aspects of being human is that we have the opportunity to continually learn. Unlike turtles, for example, who are born with everything they need to survive, our nature allows us to continually learn. To me, this is one of the joys of life.

In our technological age, learning is tantamount to being a part of modern society. How we take to technological learning is a reflection of our psychological approach. An external psychological approach can easily lead to victim-like feelings. In contrast, if you believe in an internal psychological approach—that regardless of the stimulation, situation, or urge—you have the ability to choose your response, then you are not a victim. The reason is that you control your thoughts, and your thoughts directly influence your feelings.

For example, you purchase a digital product online. The directions say that the link will be good for only a certain number of hours. If you did not read the directions and you ordered the digital product—but did not download it in the allotted time limit—you lost your investment.

Many digital products have such a time limit and are totally run by technology. What are your options under this circumstance? Of course, you will try to follow-up, and if you can reach a human you may be successful. But what if you can’t? You’re stuck with one of two alternatives: (1) you were victimized or (2) you just had another learning experience.